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Roman Finish

Definition: An experimental proof surface used primarily on U.S. Gold coins in 1909 & 1910. The surface reveals more reflectivity than Matte Proofs, but less than Brilliant Proofs.

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Die rust

Definition: Pitting or roughness appearing on a coin as a result of that coin having been struck by a rusted die

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Worn die

Definition: A die that has lost detail due to extended use. Dies were often used until they wore out, or were excessively cracked or broken. Coins struck from worn dies often appear to be weakly struck, however, they are not caused by low striking pressure.

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Wire edge

Definition: An effect whereby a thin, wire-like section of the rim of a coin is raised above the rest of the rim along the outside. This effect is typically caused by very high striking pressure, and tends to occur mostly on proof and high relief strikings.

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Definition: An artificial process whereby the surface of a coin is buffed to give it the appearance of having natural cartwheel lustre.

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Definition: Visible erosion of metal, usually beginning from the highest points of a coins. Eventually, lettering, details, or entire devices are obliterated. Wear should not be confused with a weak strike. It is possible for a worn coin to have more detail than a weakly struck mint state coin.

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