About Good

Definition: The grade AG-3. The grade for a coin that is just below good. On an About Good coin, only the main features of it are present. Date, mintmark, peripheral lettering, or other features sometimes are partially worn away.


Definition: Areas of a coin where another coin or a foreign object has displaced metal in an abraded fashion.

Album friction

Definition: A less severe instance of album slide marks. Album friction shows as slight rubbing on the high points.

Album slide marks

Definition: Lines (often parallel) imparted to the surface of a coin by the plastic “slide” of an album, mostly found on proof coins.


Definition: A mixture of two or more metals.

Almost Uncirculated

Definition: The grades AU50, 53, 55, and 58. These coins often look Uncirculated at first glance, but closer inspection will reveal slight friction or rub.


Definition: A coin that has a date, mintmark, or other feature that has been altered, added, or removed, usually to simulate a rarer issue.

Altered surfaces

Definition: Cleaning or other impairment that renders a coin less desirable to collectors.


Definition: American Numismatic Association, the world’s largest organization of coin collectors and dealers. It is a non-profit organization, chartered by an Act of Congress in 1912. Membership is highly recommended. If you are not a member, you should be! Write to them at: 818 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80901.