Definition: American Numismatic Association Certification Service originated by offering authentication, and later provided grading services. The grading service and acronym were sold by the ANA and now operate under this name as a third-party grading service.

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Definition: The heating (and cooling) of a die or planchet to soften the metal before preparation of the die or striking of the coin.

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Anvil die

Definition: The lower, stationary die. The reverse is usually the anvil die, although on some issues with striking problems, the obverse was employed as the lower die. Because of the physics of minting, the fixed lower-die impression is slightly better struck than the upper-die impression. Also see: Hammer die

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Definition: Design element usually found in the left (viewer’s right) claw of the eagle seen on many US coins.

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Definition: The lowest current asking price of a particular coin issue and grade offered for sale. Also see: Bid

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Definition: The elements that make up a coin’s grade. The primary attributes include marks (hairlines for Proofs), luster, strike, and eye appeal.

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