Primer: Japanese Invasion Money

Before you read this series of articles, I want to give credit where credit is due for getting introduced to this subject and having the permission to post it here for you to read. I first came across this genre of currency while helping my father-in-law go through some boxes of old family stuff. If […]

Japanese Invasion Money Part 1: Introduction & Common Design Elements

In World War II, Japan wanted to free the Pacific of European and American influence and unite the Asian nations into a greater East-Asian co-prosperity sphere.  Towards this goal, the Japanese issued “Japanese Invasion Money”, or “JIM”, to create economic control of the areas it conquered.  The notes were tied to the yen at par […]

Japanese Invasion Money Part 3: Malaya

Malaya fell to the Japanese in December, 1941. The Japanese issued JIM for Malaya was printed in denominations of cents and dollars. Because of the cents and dollar denominations, these notes were once advertised as money the Japanese printed in preparation for invasion of the United States, but this was not true. The series designation […]

Japanese Invasion Money Part 4: BURMA

The Japanese invaded and took control of Burma in January 1942. Burma JIM is a short series. The series is noted by the letter “B” in red, block letters (see BLOCK LETTERS in  part 1). Although there are other JIM issues which utilize serial numbers on the notes, there are no Burmese JIM notes with serial […]

Japanese Invasion Money Part 4: Netherlands (Dutch) East Indies

The Netherlands (or Dutch) East Indies (NEI), now known as Indonesia, were conquered by the Japanese in March 1942. The JIM from this area is the most varied. For this series of JIM the block letter designation is “S”, for Sumatra. There are specimen notes for most of the denominations, but they will be discussed […]

Japanese Invasion Money Part 6: Philippines (by Bill Myers)

** NOTE: This post is still being verified and updated. Its out here because the Philippines JIM notes are the most common and popular. Since this series of JIM is complex and contains counterfeits and multiple series issues. Check back for more information regularly. The Philippines fell to the Japanese in 1942. The Japanese released […]