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Japanese Invasion Money: Primer

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Japanese Invasion Money: Primer

On April 21, 2016, Posted by , In Japanese Invasion Money (JIM), With Comments Off on Japanese Invasion Money: Primer

Before you read this series of articles, I want to give credit where credit is due for getting introduced to this subject and having the permission to post it here for you to read.

I first came across this genre of currency while helping my father-in-law go through some boxes of old family stuff. If I recall correctly, he uncovered some Philippines, 1 Peso notes while sifting through the stuff. When I unfolded them I though it odd that they said Japanese Government on the front of them. Curiosity got the best of me and before I knew it I was sucked into collecting this stuff. For me, its the history and just the fun time spent researching and learning these currency sets.

After a few weeks of digging around for info, I came across a FaceBook fan page called “JAPANESE INVASION MONEY SOCIETY” ( ). On that page someone had posted a video presentation which had been given by Bill Myers. The video had some great information in it, but the audio was pretty poor. Some of the details that Bill spoke about got drowned out by ambient noises like coughing, things being scooted across the floor. You can watch the video below

After watching this video, I became even more intrigued and did some searching on the internet for Bill Myers and was able to find two separate club newsletters which included Mr. Myers’ 7 part series (one part per month). Luckily, Bill’s email address was located somewhere in the pile of info and I sent Bill an email asking if he had the presentation he gave in the video in electronic format. Bill replied and I ended up having a phone conversation with him. This is why I love this hobby. Bill had no reservations sharing this information with me. In fact he not only sent me the Power Point, but he also sent me tons of other information relating to this subject, including a photo copy of an all inclusive Block list which is from a book called WWII Remembered (an expensive book, one which I plan on purchasing one day).

Well time went on, I purchased more JIM and as I was thinning out my pile of notes, I sold one in a FaceBook auction group, where I included a snipit of information about the 1 PESO JIM note. The person who purchased the note was very curious and ask me if I had any more info. So I used his request as an opportunity to make this information available to anyone who wanted to read it in an easy to access form. I reached out to Bill once again, asking for his permission to put his article series on JIM out here on this website. Here were his exact words:

“I have not(sic) problem with you posting the articles. I write them to educate collectors and create interest in the topic.”

Folks, this is what this hobby is all about!

While I’m giving most of the credit here to Bill, I have also been able to glean information from other web resources and plan to put their credits here as well. But, Bill was so open and sharing about giving me information on this subject that I felt it necessary to mention him here. So, This is my tribute to Bill (and all the folks who have worked to gather all this information).

Myers, William 2

Bill Myers

Other sources used to put this series of Articles together

Wikipedia –
Facebook, Japanese Invasion Money Society –Forgery & Counterfeit JIM’s –
Collector’s Guide to Japanese Invasion Money –
HO Collector Sanity –
Sreenivasan Puthenpurayil Sadasivan – Provided me with 2 very detailed PDFs he has written regarding Burma Jim. He will email them to you upon request

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